Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016

Berberian Sound Studio official trailer

Peter Strickland, the director of Katalin Varga, returns with a very different tale with Berberian Sound Studio. Set in 1976, Toby Jones plays a documentary sound engineer who finds himself employed by a notorious low-budget Italian horror studio. Uneasy in his new environment and surrounded by a world he finds alien, he throws himself into his work, failing to notice how life is slowly beginning to imitate art. An homage to the classic Italian Giallos of the period, Strickland's film is another triumph.

Musique concrète, literally.

Musique concrète, literally: Ricardo Kocadag has developed a record made entirely out of concrete. Amazingly, it plays on any turntable, as you can see and hear in the video. We would have probably chosen another track (i.e. “Concrete Jungle” by Troy Brown or “Concrete” by The Neon Judgement) but it’s cool to see what’s possible in the world of weird music formats.

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